How to Buy NFTs on Solana

We’ve put together a 2 step guide for buying your first NFT on the Solana Network, Even if you’ve never owned any crypto currency before. It can sound like a daunting process, so let’s break it down and make it nice and easy.

Step 1:

Set up a free or FTX account:

-Create an account and follow ID verification process.

-Fund account via bank (ACH in USA or E-Transfer in Canada)

-Debit card can be an option too

-Purchase Solana Tokens with funds

Step 2:

Set up a Phantom Wallet:

-No verification needed

-Create a Phantom Wallet and download Google Chrome extension

-Send Solana (SOL) Tokens from Exchange used in Step 1 to Phantom Wallet

Step 3:

You’re Ready to Mint: