3.1 million dogs are put into animal shelters each year in the US alone.

Our mission is to help one million dogs find their forever home.

Benefits & Utility


RuffLife Rescues are 8888 unique dog NFTs with their very own special treats. 40% of all the initial launch profits will be going to the SPCA to help dogs in need to find new homes.

Profitable Investment

You aren't just buying a jpeg or supporting a good cause, but this here is an investment for you to be able to turn around and gain an ROI and more!


We at Team RuffLife are always looking for what's best within the community, and have a long term mindset for you as holders/investors to continue getting your monies worth and growth with us.

Exclusive Perks

Just by minting your unique RuffLife NFT you will get exclusive perks, not just by being within the community, but for holding your RuffLife Rescue. Certain attributes will be rewarded bonuses like cash giveaways, free merch, and donations on your behalf. We will also be rolling out other secret perks down the road.

High Functioning Team

Right when minting finishes, we are allocating 10% to a community treasury, where the funds will be used by our high level investors to grow this pot even more. This fund will be forever growing with a portion of secondary sale royalties being added into the treasury, as well with our high level connections within the DeFi and investing space, our money will be allocated to cash flowing assets.

Long Term

You as the holder, will get the opportunity to earn directly with your NFT. This will be unlocked when we launch our staking protocol 2-3 months down the line. By staking your NFT you will be subjected to receiving a weekly residual payout each week which comes from a percentage of our overall pool. Our goal for this is to be forever growing and have long term sustainability. As the fund and cashflow increase you will be rewarded more and more each week!


Stage 1:

The concept of Rescuing 8888 Ruffers from the Solana Network starts to Develop. The founding team is formed; compiled of talented artists, developers, and marketers that make this project come to life.

Stage 2:

Raise over 50 thousand dollars to be used in giveaways promoting community growth and culture within our project. As well as established partnerships and promotional advertisements to further grow the RuffLife community. 

Stage 3:

All 8888 RuffLife Rescues get adopted on the Solana Blockchain shortly after launch. RuffLife NFTs will be purchased exclusively through our minting Dapp! 

Stage 4:

Collection is listed on all major marketplaces and 40% of profits are donated to the SPCA to help real world doggies find their forever homes. RuffLife Rescues secondary sale marketing continues.

Stage 5:

Puppies are coming! Free airdrop for Phase 1 community members. 1 RuffLife Rescue = 1 Puppy coming to your wallet. The more RuffLife Rescues you hold. the more puppies you'll get! Additionally, all community members holding their RuffLife Rescues will automatically be whitelisted for future sales and will have a special discount on all new additions & projects we launch.

Stage 6:

RuffLife Rescues become 3D printable! Turn your RuffLife NFT into a real life version you can have with you! And shortly after, display your dog in the real world with our AR mobile camera applications.

Stage 7:

RuffLife Rescues are introduced to the virtual world! Our dog park inside the Metaverse launches. Train your dog and teach them new tricks all while being able to earn with our Play-to-Earn applications.

Stage 8:

Introduction to our tokenization and staking protocols. Stake your RuffLife Rescue NFTs to earn an APY, paid out in our native token.

Core Team

Daniel Gray

Founder & CEO

Nic Menezes


Larry Gray

Chief Governance Officer